Marshall Point Lighthouse & Museum
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Welcome to Marshall Point Lighthouse and Museum

Marshall Point Lighthouse stands on a rocky point at the end of the St. George peninsula in Maine. The lighthouse aids navigation along the Gulf of Maine coast and marks the entrance to the mouth of the St. George River and the harbor located in the fishing village of Port Clyde.

The lighthouse property includes the light tower, accessible via a walkway, the lovingly restored 1880’s Keeper’s House, summer kitchen, recently reconstructed late 19th century barn and the original oil house.

Housed within the keeper’s house and summer kitchen is a museum featuring exhibits which highlight not only the history of the lighthouse but explore the industries and history of the peninsula. A well-stocked research room allows visitors to view photographs and documents pertaining to the area’s history.

The lighthouse has featured in many commercial photo shoots and in the movie Forest Gump featuring Tom Hanks, whose character concluded his cross-country run on the runway of Marshall Point Lighthouse. In the museum, visitors will find documentation on the filming of the movie.

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