Keeping The Light

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The Marshall Point Lighthouse and Museum Committee is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Keeper's House which is home to the Marshall Point Lighthouse Museum as well as the walkway and tower of the Lighthouse itself.

Members of the Marshall Point Lighthouse and Museum Committee are:

  • Chairman: Diana Bolton

  • Events: Lynne Hall

  • Secretary: Merle Rockwell

  • Shop: Lorraine Hupper

  • Curator: Nat Lyon / Assistant Curator: Craig Parsons

  • Buildings and Grounds: Mark Bartholomew, Jan Gaudio

  • Publicity Coordinator: Laura Betancourt

  • Volunteers: David Percival / Assistant Jan Dougal

  • Scholarships: Linda Small

  • Hospitality: Joan Duffy

  • Bookkeeper: Lee Heffner