The scholarship program at the Marshall Point Lighthouse and Museum makes available to graduating high school seniors who are residents of the Town of St. George.

Since 2005 the committee is responsible for management of the Lighthouse and Museum awards. Each year the committee awards two 4 year scholarships and one 2 year scholarship to graduating high school seniors who live in St. George. These awards are $1,000.00 for the first year of college and $500.00 for each year afterward, up to $2,500.00 for four years of college.

The Scholarship Committee consists of one Marshall Point Lighthouse Committee member and three St. George citizens. Applications are made available in January to high school Guidance Offices and must be returned by the third week in April. Applications are reviewed on the first Wednesday in May and presented for approval to the Marshall Point Lighthouse and Museum Board on the second Wednesday of May.

The awards are announced at the various local high schools during their respective Awards Night activities.

Previous Lighthouse Scholarship winners are asked to reapply each year to continue their awards.

Funds for the Scholarships are raised through donations and proceeds from the Lighthouse Shop. These scholarships are often critical to the future post-secondary educational plans for St. George students and there is always a greater need for these funds that can be met each year.