Port Clyde
Other Lighthouses
Two if by Land
Owls Head Light
Located in Owls Head, just a short drive from Marshall Point Light
 you will find the Owls Head Light. Built in 1852 high on a cliff
  overlooking the entrance to Rockland Harbor, Owls Head Light
   is now operated by the US Coast Guard. Owl's Head is the subject
    of much "lore," including the story of the "frozen lovers" ... two
     poor souls whose ship wrecked on the point during the blizzard
      of 1850.
Rockland Breakwater
      A gorgeous 7/8 mile walk over giant granite slabs sits the Rockland
     Breakwater Lighthouse. Built in the late 1800's, the breakwater was
    designed to prevent damage to Rockland harbor from the gusts of
   incoming Nor'easters. A lighthouse was built at the end to protect and
  guide incoming vessels from hitting the giant granite breakwater. .
Five if by Sea
Other lighthouses in the local area that are reachable only
by sea include Whitehead, Tenants Harbor Light, Franklin
Island, Monhegan Island Lighthouse (reachable by the ferry
out of Port Clyde) and Two Bush.
A great amount of information can be found on all
lighthouses at the Maine Lighthouse Museum located
in Rockland.