Museum and Gift Shop
The Marshall Point Lighthouse Museum
& Gift Shop
The Marshall Point Lighthouse museum boasts
 boasts the largest reference center of historical
  information on the Saint George peninsula.
   Come and view our extensive library on
    quarrying, lobstering and the history of the
     town of Port Clyde.
The museum contains a host of
information and a great array
of lighthouse memorabilia and
lobstering and quarrying tools.
Come enjoy an interesting and
thorough overview of the history,
culture and people of the Saint
George area.
    Our gift shop is a great way to bring home
   a memory of your visit to the Marshall Point
  Lighthouse. From post cards, to sportswear,
 to little lighthouse bears, you will find a great
assortment of quality gifts for each member of
the family
  Browse our collection of art, crafts and stories by
 local artists and authors including the well known
Nellie and Molly lighthouse dogs collection.